For visitors

Kozakov challenge 2023 is a multicultural festival, organised every year on a hill Kozakov, between cities Turnov and Semily.

What is the festival about?

From wednesday till saturday, there is organised World Chamionship at downhill skateboarding. You can expect top international riders compeeting at speeds over 100 km/h.

More: At the hill will be organised a rich cultural programm, which will have peak at friday and saturday night. there will be two stages. One for electronic and second for rock music. At both nationally well known DJs/ bands will concert.

What can i expect?
Route gous thru wood and grassland. There is plenty viewpoints for visitors to see the most interesting parts of the racing road. At the most crucial parts of the road there are hey bales and nets for security reasons. Because we care for the visitors, at the racing road are points with refreshment.

From the top of the hill itself, there lovely panoramatic views at a very long distance. When the clouds are up, you can see about 50 miles away in all directions.

What can i expect at the hill?

Parking place is at the top of the hill. At the top is also refreshment point. At the village at the bottom of the track, there is a public swimming pool.

Schedulle of the race?

5. července/July 2023 - 9.00 - 17.00 - Freeride
6. července/July 2023 - 9.00 - 17.00 - Freeride/Race to qualification
7. července/July 2023 - 9.00 - 17.00 - Race to qualification
8. července/July 2023 - 9.00 - 17.00 - Race

Is there any entry fee?

From friday morning, there is an entry fee for everybody 300 CZK (rides have this entry fee as a part of the registration fee). Children under 15 years have entry fee for free. One day entrance cost 200,- CZK

Track technical informations:

Surface of the road:High quallity asphalt, without any major holes or cracks. In this case, race cant be cacelled anyway.
Track safety: At the turns, there are as a proteciton for the riders hey bales. At the most critical spots, also nets are provided. 
Lenght: 2.88 km
Steepness: 7.89 pecent
Max speed: 105 km/h
Highest point: 744m