Registrace Kozakov Challenge 2023


Start date: 01/04/2023
End date: 08/06/2023

Since we had to dramatically raise the price of the entry fee, we have decided to open the cards and describe the situation as it is. Tickets were till the end of April for 420 EUR. They cost 470 EUR till May 31st. And starting in June, they're going to be sold for 520 EUR. No, we don't do it this way because we are a greedy bunch of guys. The inflation of the koruna and the costs of the race itself have unbelievably risen during recent years. Let me give some examples. Before the covid pandemic, one hay bale used to be sold app. for 1 euro. Today it is 3 euros. Before the pandemic, one hour of human work used to be around 4 euros. Now it makes at least 6 euros. We try to give you - the riders - the maximum service, which makes the list of expenses pretty long and expensive.
Whatsmore, the possibilities to obtain any financial support from the private sector or the state administration is almost zero after the covid pandemic. We've spent half a year hunting for the possible support of the Kozakov race.
Last year we did our best to save the race and to let the riders over the world know that the Kozakov Challenge is still there. But with only 100 riders showing up we had to pay the rest from our pockets. We don't have any other option how to support the race financially this year, so we decided that the deadline will be May 30. If there are at least 150 registered riders, we know that we have enough money to run the race. If not, we will simply cancel the race. We simply don't have any other ways to organize a race and keep the professional level you riders expect.
We know that this info will not make many people happy, but that's simply how things are and we need to handle it as best as we can. We want another Kozakov Challenge to happen.

What will you receive if you register?
At least 15 rides a day. We actually managed 20 rides, even when there were 220 riders on the road. It will be up to your speed - when you get down, we'll be ready for you.The faster you are, the more rides you get!
We' ll provide lockers in the secured area. Personal belongings of higher price will be under guarded by a security guy.
We will once again provide a fence around riders' camping ground with security. Nobody without the official wrist tape will be able to get in. That will be just your area, defined only for you.

There is a never ending discussion about what part of the track should be a racing road. Should it be a shorter one, ending after the last left like when it's raining? Or should it be a standard, long one? To help us decide what type you riders want, we decided to give you an option to vote. Every registered rider will have one vote as a part of the registration. You can vote for the race format you prefer. And the majority will decide at each category. Freerides don't have such voting rights. These riders will simply ride the long road under every circumstance. But if they prefer the short one, we are ready to provide it as well.

See you all on the hill!
KozakovChallenge registration 2023
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